1-story, single family home:

value added services

Rates below included with dryer vent cleaning service.

Without cleaning service a $75 service charge will apply.

Replace transition vent 4 ft *  $40

Replace transition vent 8 ft  * $55

Most common repair with cleaning. Many vents are found to be improper, installed poorly or damaged causing airflow problems and fire hazards.

Install rodent guard on roof  $50

Install rodent guard on side of building $75

No screen should be installed in dryer vent.

Can cause serious clogging. We use proper guards to allow airflow while preventing rodent intrusion. We will recommend if needed.

Replace exit vent on side of house $95

Only needed if vent is damaged beyond repair, missing, or causing serious clogging. We will recommend if needed.

Vacuuming attic

Only needed when the attic is full of lint from broken or damaged dryer vent and poses a potential fire hazard.

Vacuum out attic (Easy) $95

Vacuum out attic (Difficult) $150

Regular cleaning needed $149

Includes cleaning dryer, main dryer vent, exit vent on roof or side of house, visual inspection of vent and full test of dryer and dryer vent airflow.

Service Call Only - No Cleaning $75

Regular Cleaning: Dryer Vent Systems

Cleaning exit vent from attic *$75

Only applies to vents on roof.

Only needed when there is no access to the roof.

Use of Airsled to move machine for vent access * $50

Only used when there is no other way of moving machine to access dryer vent or to protect delicate flooring from scratching when moving machine to access vent.

Serious clog removal  * $75

What is considered serious?

Water & wet lint removal and/or time-consuming, complicated vent cleanings. Additional time may incur additional cost.

Removal of bird's nest from vent  * $35

1-Story home

2-Story home

3-Story home



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* All Dryer and Vent Cleaning Service fees include a $30 discount for booking online. $30 discount can not be combined with any other offer.

2015 Winner - The Dryer Vent Cleaner
2015 Winner - The Dryer Vent Cleaner
2015 Winner - The Dryer Vent Cleaner