We are not responsible if our equipment gets stuck in walls or ceilings due to broken or damaged vents in the wall.  If drywall must be cut open to remove our equipment or fix broken dryer vents we are not responsible for patching the drywall, nor are we responsible for the broken vent.  A quote will be given if we are able to fix the vent.


Additional costs may apply for cleaning or repairing dryer vents that are very badly clogged or in poor condition.


If a vent is found in poor or unsafe condition or is not installed properly and is recommended to be replaced for safety & efficiency but the owner or property manager does not want the vent fixed or repaired we are not responsible for any damages or hazards that may follow which includes but are not limited to fire, poor drying performance, future appliance damage or anything caused due to  poor condition of the vent.


We are not responsible for vents installed improperly in the walls or ceiling or not installed to code.  We are hired to clean such vents as close to their original condition as possible.  We would recommend fixing vents that are not installed properly, are damaged, or are in poor condition.  However, it is up to the property manager or owner to approve the work.


If you have any questions or comment about our terms and conditions, please email: service@thedryerventcleaner.com


Last Updated 05/09/17.

Our Terms & Conditions

2015 Winner - The Dryer Vent Cleaner
2015 Winner - The Dryer Vent Cleaner
2015 Winner - The Dryer Vent Cleaner